His Royal Hellishness Carl -the Stinky PoopMarch 24, 2016E-Books, PoemsAbuse, blame, brain, Carl Phillip, child, crime, daily, genitals, God, human, Jesus Christ, meal, Musko, navy, plate, poop, prince, Satan, satanism, sound, sweat, Sweden, victim, world Edit rawCarl Phillip, the Stinky Poop, was born as a throne successor in the Vaermeland of Satanto rule a kingdom, glutted with aristocratic pedophiles, necrophiles, cannibals and heroin handlers.After seven months as an official crown prince, he lost his royal crown of mold ratten,which was given to his older sister Vicktoria, the official Wallenberg’s Princess of human gamblers.His Sodomic Heinousness loves the stench of feces and sweat.One of his favorite cannibal daily meals is a soup of a human flesh,placed on a royal table with a noble silverware in a porcelain plate.The prince of the Musko naval pit adores the sound of fartsthe permanent look of genitals,filth and of vaginal warts,to rape humans telepathically and physically in any way,to torture innocent beings from Sweden and from far away.He sees himself as a God , innocent victim of a constant ritual abuse,as a philanthropic, noble prince, who wants to rescue the worldthrough his global naval human and drug trafficking criminal cruise.He perverts and deceives all humans with his blurred brain,due to synthetic telepathy mind control, media lies and blame,promoting craftily royal sexual bestiality without a shame,accusing the victims for his own crimes and diabolic, bloody game.by Petia Ganevafrom the satirical poetry book

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