I told you, you gonna get what you deserve, perverted schizophrenic psychopath!

Telepathic Torture

Every human being has natural telepathic and psychic abilities that have, over many, many generations, atrophied. Most of us never consider what it would be like to become telepathic all of a sudden, or start having to process information that does not come from our five senses. I think when most people consider these abilities, they imagine connections to higher frequencies, spirit guides, angels or God, as these abilities were designed in us to connect us to universal knowledge and guide us through our lives.

So what if someone found a way to open people up to these abilities suddenly, and then overwhelm these psychic connections with people around you with negativity? What if there were people who voluntarily became a part of a telepathic network and chose certain people to attack in this way?

The laws of the telepathic realms are simple. You hear what thought forms are directed at you, and everything is translated into language your ego can understand. This was designed so people wouldn’t be bothered with things that weren’t directed at them and break the language barrier. When you are being tortured by people around you who mean to overwhelm you with negativity, it is truly the only way to torture a person spiritually.

Who would do this? Many people know about Serial Ritual Abuse and Satanic torture. Most everything I’ve read has been about people who hand their children over to this kind of abuse, which creates Dissociative Identity Disorder brought on through triggering etc. This coming from the Satanists themselves, who are genetically dissociative and can be completely possessed by subconscious entities. From my experiences, people who voluntarily (are paid) to become involved in these telepathic torture campaigns become so dissociative about what they are involved in that, they too become possessed and their conciousness is used to project thought forms to people who are targeted, which could be described only as subhuman.”

“Types of telepathic sender:
Schizophrenics tend to create their own universes. Once universes are created, they have to be defended. This in turn creates a load of paranoid telepathy which has to convince the receiver that the created universe is greater than the receiver. Once we can raise our window of consciousness so that minds are no longer greater than us, so schizophrenics become our inferiors. It is difficult for an inferior to mind control us. All black magicians are schizophrenic. We are convinced that the Masons should be renamed Schizophrenics Anonymous.”


Why didn`t you start the sue the governments for spraying the deadly chemtrails???