The Bestiality of NSA & the Big Nazi Brother-John de Mol

“The NSA has records on all U.S. citizens“.I have to add on all people worldwide

Sexual Revolution: Bestiality & Pedophilia are Next :LEFT’S NEW CRUSADE: ADULT-KID SEX


They call themselves the Elite. But let’s break it down on what it means to be one of these Elite. From the time you are born as a Rothschild, Rockefeller, Royal family, Bush, or one of the others you are carefully crafted and controlled into a very tight Satanic community. As a toddler your sexually abused repeatedly so your brain splits and fragments into many different alter personalities becoming MPD/DID. These alters are then programmed to act in a certain way. No matter what your other alters are one is always permanent, and that’s a sexual alter, one that is created and used to be used as a sex slave to others in their community.

As a child they’re taught to kill animals and even other children. They’re starved, beaten, tortured, and tormented so they can control your brain,  thoughts, beliefs, and how you view yourself, the world, and those around you.

They are forced to participate in satanic ritual ceremonies of animal and human sacrifices, drinking blood, eating human flesh and organs, eating feces and drinking urine. As a child most of them have probably witnessed and even been the victim of beastiality. They learn weakness such as compassion (what they consider weakness) can get them killed, and so they brave through everything that’s thrown at them just to survive. Their parents aren’t a loving mom and dad, but the puppet masters who pimp them out to scientists, underground bases, and for sexual favors to others…and yet they grow up in love with their abusers, and to go along to get along and survive…and most importantly…how to keep their mouths shut.….

So what types of works do they perform?

-creating and operating child and adult sex slave rings

-pornography – creation of videos, movies, websites, lure, defile, and destroy those who are lured into watching it and becoming obsessed with it.

-pedophilia – creation of videos, movies, websites etc..obtaining children to be used and abused (Walt Disney kids, child actors, prime targets).

-snuff films (pornographic children films where one of them is then killed at the end)

-drug trafficking

-abductions/kidnappings for sacrifices (thousands of children and adults are needed every year for the various groups)

-promotion of homosexuality, sexual perversions..”


“Telepathic Torture

Every human being has natural telepathic and psychic abilities that have, over many, many generations, atrophied. Most of us never consider what it would be like to become telepathic all of a sudden, or start having to process information that does not come from our five senses. I think when most people consider these abilities, they imagine connections to higher frequencies, spirit guides, angels or God, as these abilities were designed in us to connect us to universal knowledge and guide us through our lives.

So what if someone found a way to open people up to these abilities suddenly, and then overwhelm these psychic connections with people around you with negativity? What if there were people who voluntarily became a part of a telepathic network and chose certain people to attack in this way?

The laws of the telepathic realms are simple. You hear what thought forms are directed at you, and everything is translated into language your ego can understand. This was designed so people wouldn’t be bothered with things that weren’t directed at them and break the language barrier. When you are being tortured by people around you who mean to overwhelm you with negativity, it is truly the only way to torture a person spiritually.“

Government Technology to Read Your Thoughts and Implant New Ones