“Sexual deviates” and the NSA“



The NSA (national security agency) was created in 1952, is headquartered at Fort Meade Maryland, and administered by the United States Department of Defense (DoD).  Government generated disinformation portrays the NSA as strictly involved in the collection and analysis of foreign communications.  In other words, electronic surveillance of foreign countries.  Although specifically bared from domestic surveillance of American citizens by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 1978, the NSA has recently admitted to limited spying on American citizens.  If this were the limit of NSA transgressions, the essay you’re about to read would not be necessary.

The NSA is involved in some of the most heinous crimes and vicious acts of barbarism ever perpetrated on humanity.  Even the monstrous autocracies committed by WWII Nazi war criminals pale in comparison to the crimes of the NSA.  This document concerns it self with nothing less than the wholesale medical experimentation, torture and outright murder of American children, some less than six years old.  The rationale behind these despicable acts?  To create a secret slave army of government controlled super psychics, which at present, number in the tens of thousands.  The solders (both men and women) of this vast psychic army live and die at the whims of DNI (director of national intelligence) and NCA (national command authority).  Its Ironic, that Nazi biologists and doctors involved in human experimentation, relocated to America in the aftermath of WWII (under Operation Paperclip), were the precursors responsible for this foul excursion into the darkest corners of evil and depravity. “



““Big Brother is Watching You” – Cover Your Webcam, the NSA Can Turn it on Without You Knowing“